My architectural career spans to about two decades of work in which I have experienced several ups and downs, accepted all challenges which i knew would tide me through the problems and show the island of success.

KNA started as an unpretentious firm but has experienced an unprecedented and exponential success in the recent years.

Working with some prestigious architects of Baroda has given me a priceless exposure which has built my confidence.

Albert Einstein quoted, "logic will get you from A to B, but imagination will take you everywhere."


'If you are having trouble knowing where to begin, Begin from anywhere.'

With this simple quote in mind,

we believe that every project is quality important irrespective of its scale.

Our work satisfies every need of our clients, and we incorporate contemporary and modern lifestyle in design according to their requirements.

We have reevaluated minimal architecture to bring out the best in our work.



Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communication offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution. Photography has always been one of his greatest passions.

He doesn't click different pictures but he clicks pictures differently!"

He has been gifted with a third eye which observes minute and intricate details in the most simplest objects. He believes that photography produces pleasure by simplicity. The way in which he understands colours and landscapes is very awe inspiring and unique.

He says that "photography is the way you look at things and through it, life."


KNA employees dedicated and passionate architects and interior designers who have the strong will of contributing in architecture.

We let our employees shape and express their ideas through design. They are given the freedom of working as a team or as an individual and visit any sites according to their necessity.

We work or strong will and dedicated applicants who can candidly discuss design.

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